What do we do? 

In the race for climate change, we specialized in the high production of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).

Our main objective is to maximize the production of Calcium Carbonate from collected CO2.

Our technology uses CO2 in gas form to generate CaCO3. 

We estimate 2 ton of CO2 sequestration (CO2 into CaCO3) per day for one full operational system.

CaCO3 = Value 

Calcium carbonate as a raw material is highly used in the construction, paint, and glass industries. Companies

purchasing raw calcium carbonate from CO2V can potentially obtain Carbon Credits for helping the environment.

This new approach can open a market to sell CaCO3 in the Gt. scale as a raw mineral which equals sequestration

of CO2 in the Gt. scale, which is the final goal. 

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We are currently located in Miami, Florida.

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